Save money while saving food

Let's change the understanding of best before date food! Give a chance to food items that are nearing their best before date at grocery stores across Estonia.

About Peek-A-Food

Our aim is to make food saving comfortable, affordable and safe. To achieve it we will provide a service to the grocery stores which allows them to improve their image and educate consumers about the importance of reducing food waste.

Peek-A-Food enables a pick-up point in grocery stores which will gather food products in one place nearing their best before dates or having a non-commercial look and provide the needed environment to make the shelf-life of the products longer. The location, amount of food and information of its expiry date will be displayed on our website. The food can be accessed in the store as usual for a reduced price and people, who want to save even more money can pay a monthly subscription fee for which they will get points that can be exchanged for food items.

Our solution allows consumers to save money and save food: clients will be able to see how much of each they have saved on their account and the best food savers will receive prizes for their contribution. It is a supposed win-win-win solution: users eat still-good food cheaper, businesses receive an additional revenue, and less food ends up in dumpsters.

Comfortable buying

All food nearing best before in one place for an easy pick-up. No hassle. No running around in the store searching for the best prices.

Reducing food waste and saving resources

Less food goes to waste and we are not wasting agricultural costs.

We improve food and nutrition for low-income consumers

Finally there is a way to afford diverse food on the table without having to pay tens or hundreds of euros every trip to the grocery store.

More sustainable life

By using our service you can reduce your carbon footprint and give your contribution toward a more environmentally friendly future without any big effort.

How to use

Step 1

Register and subscribe to your preferable monthly membership which according to the price gives points to your account.

Step 2

Find suitable location on our website and check what is in stock.

Step 3

Use points to get groceries that you need.

Step 4

See how much money and food you have saved!



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Our talented team of professionals

We’re an enthusiastic team of people that are passionate about making the world a better and sustainable place.


Mariel Luuk

Team Lead

Environmental Science


Kerli Laur

Author of the idea



Marie Valdes




Karolin Kelpman

Product Development

Graphic Design


Andreas Saltsberg

Web development

Software development

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